Hepatitis Health Action

We Need Your Help!

Posted in Announcements by hrcsandbox on April 14, 2011

Dear Hepatitis Health Action Members:

As a policy intern for Project Inform, I volunteered to reach out to our community of viral hepatitis advocates to encourage them to join our campaign. I started with an outreach effort inviting support group facilitators, members, and friends and colleagues to join this action group. The results of that effort have been immensely productive.

We are now over 100 members and a lot of interest is circulating around how health care reform legislation can improve the lives of people living with and at risk for hepatitis B and/or C. With the help of our advocacy partners, we successfully organized our first webinar. The feedback has been tremendously positive.

However, as you may know there is a continual battle to defend and implement this law and we need your help. In order to make an impact, we need more members engaged in this work. Great movements can happen in numbers so please join us in reaching out to friends of friends, families, and communities alike that may benefit from this group. Ask them to join our Facebook group and our listserv. People can sign up by emailing cchun@projectinform.org.

Thank you for taking the moment to read this piece. Stay informed and make sure others are too!

Christina Chun
Policy Intern
Project Inform