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Take action to defend health care reform!

Posted in Action alert by hrcsandbox on February 15, 2011

Action Alert!

Health Care Reform Is Under Attack Again

Tell Your Representative to Oppose Defunding of Health Reform Implementation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), landmark health care reform legislation signed into law last year, has great potential to improve the lives of people living with and at risk for hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C. Starting in 2014, many low-income, uninsured people will be able to get health care and treatment through an expanded Medicaid program and those with higher incomes now have access to private insurance because the ACA eliminated the ‘pre-existing conditions’ clauses enabling everyone to access health insurance regardless of their health status. The benefits of the ACA are only just beginning but will increase over the next few years, helping more people with hepatitis B and C to get the care and treatments they need.

However, this legislation is under attack by Republicans in the House of Representatives who want to repeal the bill and deny millions of uninsured people the chance to have regular health care. Even though their efforts to fully repeal the legislation failed in the Senate, they are now attempting to block funding in this year’s spending bill for activities to implement health reform. Without this funding, implementation could become stalled – meaning it will be even longer before people in need get care and treatment to stay healthy and productive.

Your help is needed this week to defend against this latest attack on health reform!

What you can DO:

Please call your U.S. House Representative before Thursday, February 17th. We are hearing directly from Congressional staff that phone calls are the most effective form of communication.

Call the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at 1-888-876-6242 and ask to be connected to your Representative. When you reach your Representative’s office, tell whoever answers the phone that you are a constituent and that you would like to speak to the staff person who handles health care issues. Whether you speak to the staff person live or leave a voicemail, tell him/her:

“My name is _______________ and I live in (city/state). I am calling to urge Representative ____________ to vote against any attempts to take funding away from implementing the Affordable Care Act. I firmly support the Affordable Care Act because it will help many uninsured people with viral hepatitis get the health care and treatment they need to be healthy and productive. I urge you to support full implementation of this important legislation.”

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference! Please spread the word.

Stay involved with Hepatitis Health Action!

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Hepatitis Health Action is a new campaign led by viral hepatitis advocates working to make sure that health care reform addresses hepatitis B and C.


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