Hepatitis Health Action

Hepatitis Health Action: The Hepatitis Community Responds to Health Care Reform

Posted in Announcements by hrcsandbox on February 8, 2011

Welcome to the launch of Hepatitis Health Action: The Hepatitis Community Responds to Health Care Reform! Hepatitis Health Action is a new campaign led by viral hepatitis advocates working to make sure that health care reform addresses hepatitis B and C.

Health care reform has the potential to increase access to health care and treatment for many people with hepatitis B and C who are currently uninsured or who are having trouble getting their current insurance provider to pay for necessary services and care. Health care reform could also be a new source of funding for viral hepatitis prevention programs and hepatitis B and C screening.

Most new benefits won’t become available until 2014, but there is a lot of activity going on right now to establish what care and treatment services will be covered under Medicaid expansion and new private insurance exchanges. We must be ready to respond and provide input as a community when these decisions are being made. This new campaign will make sure our voices are heard. The more we get involved, the more likely it is that health care reform will meet the needs of people living with or at risk for hepatitis B and C.

Hepatitis Health Action will:

1.    Provide information about health care reform legislation, how it affects the viral hepatitis community, and the process that the government is taking to implement the law.

2.    Collect input on viral hepatitis concerns during “public comment” periods offered by the government as it makes decisions on benefits and services provided through health care reform.

3.    Send Action Alerts with ways to communicate with your members of Congress and other public officials to defend health care reform from being repealed or weakened.

4.    Advocate for funding in the bill to be directed to viral hepatitis prevention programs.

5.    Build a movement to make sure that people living with and at risk for hepatitis B and C are not forgotten when crucial decisions are made.
Get involved with Hepatitis Health Action!

•    Sign up for the Hepatitis Health Action email list or email Christina at cchun@projectinform.org and we will make sure you are up-to-date..

•    Join Hepatitis Health Action’s Facebook group, where you can participate in discussions with other advocates and share your ideas and strategies.

•    Follow Hepatitis Health Action’s blog here for news and commentary.

Thanks for joining with us in this campaign!Together, we will make sure that health care reform works for people with hepatitis B and C!

Corinna Dan
Hepatitis B Fellow, Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO)

Daniel Raymond
Policy Director, Harm Reduction Coalition

Ryan Clary
Director of Public Policy, Project Inform and Steering Committee Member, National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable

Christina Chun
Policy Intern, Project Inform


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  1. Martha Saly said,

    Thank you all for creating this great forum!

    • hrcsandbox said,

      Thanks, Martha! We’re excited, and it’s great to have your support.

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